4.01 - BreedObject Software

The BreedObject website is www.breedobject.com

This site contains a live version of the program with the capacity for dollar index development online for immediate use. Online interactivity with the breed databases ensures use of the latest EBVs, and also EBV and standard dollar index display. The information section (accessible from the home page) has a list of useful references, and the home page includes links to all the breed sites.

A number of breed societies have generic, market-based breeding objectives and selection indexes available on their respective websites, allowing commercial breeders to search for bulls that fit within their target index specifications.

Angus              www.angusaustralia.com.au

Hereford          www.herefords.com.au

Poll Hereford   www.herefords.com.au

Shorthorn        www.shorthorn.com.au

Limousin          www.limousin.com.au

Charolais         www.charolais.com.au

Brahman         www.brahman.com.au

Murray Grey   www.murraygrey.com.au

Simmental       www.simmental.com.au