4.04 - BREEDPLAN Support

BREEDPLAN provides information to support those who require more information on BREEDPLAN and its related products (eg BreedObject). The BREEDPLAN website should be accessed for information on EBVs and BREEDPLAN products and services.

Further support is available from the Southern Beef Technology Services (SBTS) or the companion service in the north, Tropical Beef Technology Services (TBTS). Under the technical section of these websites, you will find valuable support information. Of particular value for commercial breeders will be an article entitled Interpreting Bull Sale Catalogues found on SBTS websites under ‘Technical Documents – General Articles’.

On the SBTS website, there are a series of webinar presentations regarding the use of DNA technology within the beef industry. This is a series of six webinars that can be accessed online at any time. Companion factsheets are also available through the SBTS website or the Beef CRC website.