5.06 - Artificial Insemination (AI)

Proper handling and administration of progestins for estrus synchronisation (controlled internal drug release)

  1. Be sure to wear protective (eg latex) gloves when handling inserts for controlled internal drug release (CIDR).
  2. The CIDR applicator should be rinsed in a disinfectant solution (Nolvasan or Chlorohexidine). There should be two buckets of disinfectant solution. The applicator should be washed free of debris in the first bucket and then rinsed clean in the second. By keeping the same washing sequence the disinfectant in the second bucket will remain relatively clean for a sustained period of time. This sequence of events will improve sanitation from animal to animal and reduce the likelihood of infection.
  3. Fold the wings of the CIDR and insert it into a clean applicator. The CIDR will protrude approximately 2.5cm from the applicator.
  4. Apply lubricator to the end of the applicator.
  5. Wipe the vulva clean before inserting the applicator.
  6. When inserting the CIDR make sure that the nylon tail is curved downward. If the tail is pointed upward it will be easier for other animals to pull out the CIDR thus reducing retention rate.
  7. Gently insert the applicator containing the CIDR in an upward manner similar to the insertion of an AI catheter.
  8. Push the applicator as far forward as possible, deposit the CIDR by pressing the plunger, and slowly remove the applicator.
  9. To prevent other animals from removing the CIDR, the nylon tail can be clipped such that only 6cm protrudes from the vulva.
  10. At CIDR removal, gently but firmly pull on the nylon tail until it is removed. Be sure to dispose of the CIDR properly.