1.14 - Business plan basics

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While the specific format of business plans vary depending on the enterprise and industry, the basic format for any business plan is fairly consistent. You can use the template below to prepare a written business plan that can be presented to investors, your bank etc.

  • Executive summary

    A concise overview of the entire plan. Sometimes a diagrammatic representative of the plan on one page is useful and can be kept on the wall as a reminder.


  • Company details

Company name, location and pertinent production details (land class, average rainfall etc), personnel, business structure. 



  • Product offering and target market

    What you are selling, trading or producing and who you are selling your product to. Also include anything that differentiates you, such as quality assurance programs etc.


  • Capital requirements

    What capital items you need to achieve your goals and objectives.


  • Financial plans and budgets

    Relevant information and budgets showing historical and current performance and financial information, as well as forecast budgets and performance based on the attainment of goals and objectives.


  • Implementation and action plan

    The steps, activities and timeframes you will work on to achieve what you have specified in the plan.


  • Monitoring plan

    An outline of what you measure and monitor and when, who is responsible and also which early warning indicators will give you advance warning if you are drifting off course.