6.06 - Summary of information sources

Disease information sources

Credible sources of disease information include:

  • State departments of primary industries and agriculture, as well as other government agencies
  • Private veterinarians and consultants
  • MLA has a range of information on diseases of livestock available under the Livestock productionsection of its website.

Further information

Reference material such as:

  • Diseases of Livestock by TG Hungerford
  • Livestock Diseases in Australia by T Brightling
  • Stock Diseases by A Brightling (Inkata Press)
  • Diseases of Cattle in Australasia by TJ Parkinson, JJ Vermunt and J Malmo

These books are usually available from major bookstores, state departments of primary industries and agriculture, or for purchase online - Google the title of the book.

Toxic plant and noxious weed identification

Publications availabe on toxic plants and weeds inlcude:
  • Poisonous Plants of Australia by S Everist (Angus & Robertson)
  • Poisonous Plants: A handbook for farmers and graziers by EJ McBarron (Inkata press)
  • Medical and veterinary aspects of plant poisoning in New South Wales by EJ McBarron (NSW Agriculture)

For further identification and management of toxic plants and noxious weeds consult your local private veterinarian or consultant or relevant state government authority.