When we look at meeting market specifications for your business we first have to look at the four main procedures that will help you achieve this. These four main procedures are:

1. Know your market specifications.

2.Meet market specifications on time.

3.Achieve best carcase dressing.

4.Evaluate market opportunities.

We will briefly go over these four main procedures before assessing them in more detail.

1.Know your market specifications: Knowing the market specifications will assist in the devewlopment of your farming enterprise. To ensure this you should:

  • Use market intelligence to understand market specifications.


2.Meet market specifications on time: The guidelines for managing the grazing system to achieve livestock performance targets are to:

  • Ensure market specifications are met at the point of sale.
  • Manage the production system to meet target market specifications.
  • Avoid feed restrictions longer than two months in cattle up tp 250kg liveweight.
  • Carefully plan the growth of sale cattle to the market.
  • Manage the grazing system to meet target market outcomes.
  • Use flexible management to meet stock performance targets.
  • Use feedback from the marketplace to inform future marketing decisions.

3.Achieve the best carcase dressing: The best way for managing cattle two to three weeks before sale and  during mustering and transport is to:

  • Practise good presale management to maximise returns.
  • Finish cattle for market on high quality pasture or feed supplements.
  • Manage on-farm factors that influence percentage dressing.
  • Use feedback to finetune management of the production system.


4. Evaluate market opportunities: The guidelines for regularly evaluating market opportunities are to:

  • Regularly assess and develop new marketing options.
  • Maintain key customer and supplier relationships,